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The Word Needs No Translation

Missionary Work Based on the Word

At Jesus Wept International, Inc. we believe there is hope for the world. That's why we founded our multi-denominational (people) ministry. Our whole reason for existing is to serve our Lord Jesus Christ by introducing his teachings to His people around the globe who may have not otherwise heard His message.

Through a variety of outreach ministries, we teach the importance of obedience and explain the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. We preach the Gospel to the lost and share the love of Jesus with all we encounter; and teach, equip, and encourage the body of Christ, to both pastors and saints. Our goal is to help followers strengthen their relationship with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit so they can seek God, hear God, and be obedient.

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About Us

Jesus Wept International, Inc., based in Millington, Tennessee, does missionary work worldwide, from Oklahoma and Texas to Kenya and the Sudan and other points around the globe. For 15 years, our Christian outreach ministry has preached the gospel and explained the love of God for His people. We know that religion can make a difference in the lives of those who are suffering and who have lost hope. Support our mission today! If you want to help us continue our work, we welcome your monetary donations.

Mission Statement

Jesus Wept International, Inc. was founded by Bob and Glenda Ries and is a multi-denominational (people) ministry. Our whole reason for existing is to serve our Lord Jesus Christ through serving people around the world by serving His children. This is accomplished through:

• Church Planting
• Biblical Literature
• Pastor Training
• Leadership Training
• Women's Ministry
• Children's Ministry
• Providing Bibles
• Christian Counseling

• Preaching the Gospel
• Spiritual and Financial Aid


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(901) 602-3865

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Nationwide & Worldwide

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